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franklin boulevard. at 3:00 this morning we received calls that a collision had occurred south of owings mills boulevard. the two hit at about 60 miles per hour give or take and came to rest on the roadway. when we arrived ems arrived the occupants there were loan occupants in each vehicle were in critical condition. both were transported paramedics rushed 33-year-old david patterson to northwest hospital. the driver of the volvo 28-year- old mary medicus survived the crash and last report she's listed in serious but stable condition at the shock trauma center. >> we are reconstructing the accident with our crash team. we're also looking at alcohol as a factor in the collision and also looking at how this
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vehicle was going to wrong way. >> reporter: another person was driving in the wrong driver was in a fatal crash. jeff hager abc 2 news. today governor martino mally broke ground on demolition to infamous highway to nowhere. it will make way for parking expansion. between fulton avenue and to last ski street will bring together communities that were separated since the 1970s. the governor says the new project will create jobs. >> the most powerful place in our state is a home, but the most important thing for protecting a home is a job. this is a project like many others that is going to be supporting moms and dads who are working on this project and getting back to work. >> the improvement project has
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two phases phase one is the demolition of the highway, phase two involves the construction of two new parking lots from to last ski street to monroe street. providing 300 additional parking spaces. an anne arundel county man is behind bars accused of trying to abduct and rape a woman if he baltimore annapolis trail. police say 21-year-old michael johnson of pasadena grabbed a woman and tried to drag her into a wooded area yesterday afternoon. the woman screamed and an neighbor came out to help her. the suspect ran off. johnson is charged with attempted rape, assault, kidnapping and false imprisonment. baltimore county police have released the names of the three suspects charged in a stabbing in reisterstown. 20-year-old richard bradley was stabbed early yesterday morning at the shell gas station in the 11,900 block of reisterstown road. bradley and a friend got in a
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fight with three others at the gas station. bradley was stabbed several times he's in stable condition at shock trauma. all three suspects are being held at the county detention center. search crews with dogs are going house to house in a california neighborhood where dozens of homes have been damaged or destroyed by a natural gas explosion. it happened last night in san bruno in san francisco. four people are known dead but the number could rise. 50 were hurt. the investigation is just beginning. >> reporter: this residential neighborhood south of san francisco looks like a war zone, only chimneys and foundations remain of what once were homes. 38 destroyed and the death toll still unconfirmed. >> you've heard the numbers, unfortunately the numbers are going to get higher. >> reporter: shortly after 6:00 thursday night a massive explosion rocked the neighborhood burning gas from a ruptured pipeline soared a
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thousand feet into the air incinerating everything in its path. 20 miles an hour winds spread the embers setting homes, garages and carports ablaze. there was little many could do but run. >> i could see the stucco popping off my neighbor's house behind us so i knew it was intense. >> reporter: some living here say for several days they had smelled gas but no one could determine where it was coming from. >> we have yet to be able to get close enough to the actual source to be able to determine exactly why this happened. >> reporter: this twisted steel pipeline is the prime focus near this massive 15-foot wide crater. firefighters continued putting out spot fires. even cadaver dogs were brought to help search for those who couldn't escape the inferno. some residents went to a red cross shelter looking for help. >> my purse, my meds are still in my house. i hope my house is still there. >> reporter: people who was forced to evacuate are going to have to wait for the all clear before they can return to their homes or what's left of them,
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and that might not be until this weekend. well, many people may be concerned about a gas explosion happening here. dge wants to remind its customers it regularly maintains the equipment. they work close which responders and fire department whenever there's a gas leak to make sure the area is safe fix the leak and also restore gas. if you smell gas call them immediately on the main line. number (410)685-0123. new information the deadly duck boat crash in july near philadelphia that killed two people. a preliminary federal report revealed the tour boat and others nearby repeatedly called the tugboat that was guiding the barge involved in the tragedy. the barge plowed over the duck
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boat sinking it and sending 35 passengers and two crew members into the water. on the weather front today clouds rolled in, kept temperatures down even lower than we expected. we knew we wouldn't get much past the 70s today, but most spots actually stuck in the low low 50s. visible satellite view. clouds coming in out of the north courtesy of a big area of low pressure in new england but there is wraparound moisture providing cloud cover, no showers we're dry and breezy. some of those wind gusts at the top of the hour still around 20 miles per hour. so the enhanced fire risk still something we have to deal with here tonight and into the day tomorrow. mid-70s right now on our way to a cool evening out there as we drop well down into the 60s. we'll talk about the rest of the weekend here for you in just a minute. and also when we think we're going to get some of that much needed rain all coming up. thanks wyatt. in tonight's consumer alert black and decker is recalling about 192,000 random orbital sanders. the black plastic disk that
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holds the sand paper can apparently break apart during use causing a danger of flying debris. black and decker has received 73 reports of problems. and looks like wegmans will no longer sell two types telephone reusable shopping bags after tests show high levels of lead. the agree pea and holiday 2009 designs are safe for customers to use. wegmans is not recalling those bags but customers should return them for replacements at the store service desk when they are no longer useful. the chain has 76 stores including some right here in maryland. election day is this tuesday, and baltimore city some city leaders are lining up behind an upstart candidate trying to unseat a long time legislator. christian schaefer is here with that story tonight. >> no one expected a close race in the 46th district which encompasses the waterfront in baltimore from canton all around to brooklyn and curtis bay. george della has represented the district since 1982, which
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is the same year lisa point bill ferguson was born. but today in locust point was ferguson standing next to the city of the councilmen. ed ricinner william coal were endorsing ferguson's bid to unseat senator della. the race will be decided this this tuesday's election. ferguson calls it a quote game changer. rye sis singer said it's time for a change. >> i was calling community leaders, people in my district. they like the message bill ferguson is sending out. they like his ideas, and they want someone to go to annapolis that's going to work for them. to make a difference. >> a hundred days ago this was a really tough idea. four days out from the election we're did to make history it is because our city is ready for change. >> ferguson is a teacher who works for the city schools administration. he says in the senate he would
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focus on improving the baltimore city school system. he's also been endorsed by the baltimore sun and city paper. senator has not returned a phone call asking for comment. >> thanks christian. in case you didn't know it is purple friday, and that means fans across baltimore are getting ready for monday night's ravens game. the ravens caravan made a first stop at miss shirley's. cheerleaders signed autographs. here's what one excited fan had to say. >> ravens starting the season. come on man, this is all good stuff. >> i think we have the fire power to go all the way, but a lot of things have to go right in order for us to make it. >> all the festivities lead up to monday night's showdown with the jets at the meadow land. a registered sex offender is arrested again.
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this time in carol county. what the man is accused of doing to himself while shopping in a westminster store. we hear about stolen cars but now the cars most likely to have parts stole earn. a special lunch for students at edgar elementary school as they eat homegrown. looking the temperatures 73 degrees. wyatt has your forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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yuengling yawning
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. starting a family doesn't always begin the same way for everyone. some couples choose to adopt, whether it's because of infertility issues or really just just a matter of choice. linda so tells us why adoption was the way to go for one local family. >> it started before we got married. >> reporter: growing up elaina thought she would never be able to be a mom. it was a tough topic she had to bring up with her husband
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chris. >> the doctors told me i wouldn't have biological children. he knew family was important to him. it was a little bit nervous conversation. he looked at me kind of quizly. you don't have to give birth to be a mom. >> reporter: the couple thought they would adopt but soon after getting married two miracles happened, elaina got pregnant not once but twice. matthew came first then nathan. adoption though was till on their mind. >> we really feel like this was something that god put on our hearts to do. >> reporter: so the family opened their home to foster children. >> our first foster placement was a teen who was with us for a year and-a-half, and when she went home i guess we felt like we wanted one that we didn't have to send back. >> reporter: the couple would end up welcoming countless other children who needed a home. they adopted several of them, including danielle. >> i managed the boys lacrosse team. >> we've adopted older kids. i think there's as many as much
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accepting of them as there is us accepting them. >> it's a waiting game and it's just as uncertain as pregnancy can be, but the end result is a child that you love without condition. >> it's nice to have one else besides your little brother and your parents. >> some people think that they are annoying that's a myth, a family teaching all of us a lesson in love. >> nice story. sally field kareem abdul jab are and george clooney are set to join 100 celebrities for stand up to cancer telethon. celebritiess scientists doctors and journalists will stand up to cancer to raise money for research. in a rare show of unity the event will air on all three networks and will be emcee'ed by day an sour katie couric and
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brian williams. cancer touched the abc family in a very personal way five years ago peter jennings lost his fight against lung cancer. >> spent a lot of time on politics, a lot of time debating but let's remember who we are at the end of the day when we're families and caregivers and patients. >> statistics show cancer takes a life every minute. in america 1500 people die each day why as important, the progress that's been made sure vial rates are higher than ever and scientists are coming closer and closer to cracking the cancer code. we're counting down the race until komen maryland's ray for the cure it's set for sunday october 3rd in hunt valley. abc 2 will be live on the air to broadcast the event from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. you can still register for the race. all you have to do is head to our web site at when you get there click on the
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lifestyle tab and then click on think pink. hope we have better weather for the race this year than last it rained last year. >> early that. it was a rainy one. >> it was raining. >> so far we are in a very dry pattern. we do see the chance probably 60, 70% chance for much needed rain overnight saturday into sunday. so saturday looks dry probably rainy sunday. we actually need it. let's take a look outside. we've got a mixture blue skies and clouds. have to call that mostly cloudy, but there is some sunshine out there. a nice looking fall day. boy, it feels like fall today. i mean, we struggled to get out of the 60s this morning, and only into the low to mid-70s this afternoon. so you get the idea. nice panoramic shot there. 74 degrees at bwi right now
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we've got humidity at 40% winds west northwest at 7 miles per hour. all right. >> let's take a look at some of our weather net cameras across the state today. beautiful start this morning over the city. you see those passing clouds and cumulus clouds come into the afternoon. not rain makers all courtesy a big low spinning up in new england. mt. airy nice starts little bit of cloud cover early. down in laurel beautiful sunrise and you see the mixture blue skies and fall like cloud cover into the afternoon. winds have been a little gusty at times today. neighborhood by neighborhood you can kind of see 16 bel-air, we gusted to 26 downtown, gusted to 17 in arnold and 22 out in westminster. so definitely breezy at times today that's what helps create that enhanced fire risk that we're still going to have tonight and throughout the day tomorrow, and even tomorrow night before we finally get rain we think sunday morning. lows this morning down around
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the 50s. low 60s. mighty cool start. the highs today recovered but still below average. 75 downtown. most spots stuck in the low 70s today as you were there and annapolis and cambridge winter have quieted down a little bit but still breezy out there. >> it's going to be a breezy and cool night. you probably want an extra layer on the town. humidity bone dry aiding in what is in enhanced wildfire risk across the state and really across most of the mid atlantic after a counsel of really dry weeks. we have a low spinning up to the north and east that's bringing in some clouds out of the north that we've seen today. we're right on the edge of it here. virginia, west virginia stayed sunny all day. low so far north and east did not generate any rain forest and next chance or hope for some rain brewing out in the texas panhandle now into the lower midwest. you can see some unsettled weather here. the system's going to kind of sit and spin for a day before it begins to push east as we go into the day tomorrow and
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should arrive early sunday morning like in the overnight hours, and last not least the mid part of our day sunday. we certainly do need those showers. forecast model keeps us generally just partly cloudy tonight and tomorrow, but then check it out. sunday morning will bring in the rain. some of those showers could linger through the afternoon. that would actually end up being a good thing. tropical storm igor strength evening in the tropics as well. 52 tonight. clouds increase late in the day but sunshine early and tomorrow night we're dropping down to about 62 with clouds on the increase. the best chance for rain again is going to be sunday early in the morning through about the early part of the afternoon. kelly. >> thanks wyatt. will, abc 2 is working for you to help you protect yourself from identity theft. we're giving you have a safe way to clean out and dispose of your old paper records it's the
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shred for you event lock ridge on lock raven boulevard and west view on baltimore national pike. it happens this thursday excuse me, this saturday from 9:00 till noon. as always you can shred for free. but if you have more than 2 boxes we ask that you make a donation to the american diabetes association. we have some encouraging news tonight in the fight against did he men salary. the vitamin that could offer hope to thousands. forget parking and walking into the grocery store to get everything in the list some are driving up and getting their groceries at a drive through. got to find out where this is happening coming up.
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for great gas mileage you co or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty. over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. they're not just trading in, they're trading up.
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qualified lessees can get low mileage lease on this 2011 malibu ls for around one ninety-nine a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at
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. we're working stories on you a registered sex offender is picked up by police of after an alert store worker says he was doing inappropriate things in a westminster store. the national outrage continues even after a florida pastor's decision to not burn copies of the quran tomorrow. how the president is taking pastor terry jones to about task. your entire car might not be stolen but you may not be able do go anywhere with it. a look at cars that are most likely to have parts stolen. >> thanks christian. in tonight's health alert while treatments have proven to be inconsistent study is encouraging research. it seems large doses of vitamin b memory problems in older adults. >> reporter: a new study found that large doses of b vitamins
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slowed the rate of brain shrinkage in older adults. the study was the largest of its kind to access the vitamins of b6 and b12 on mild cognitive impairment. the stage between normal forgetfullness due to aging and the development of actual dementia. b vitamins are known to help the body turn food into energy and create red blood cells. 168 people age 70 or older with mild memory problems participated in the two-year study. half the participants were given a strong dose of b vitamins and folic acid other were given placebos. the prescribed dosage was 300 times the recommended daily intake of the supplement b12 and 15 times that of b6. because of this the authors call the pill a drug not a vitamin supplement. with this medical minute, i'm
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dr. timothy johnson. it's almost as bad as stealing candy from a baby. using a baby to steal. that story is coming up on abc 2 news at 5:30 which starts for you in just 2 minutes. my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. but you wouldn't want an antique computer.
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or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control. so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to a 100% fiber optic network. it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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. state police have charged a convicted sex offender with exposing himself while following a young girl around a store in carroll county. good evening i'm christian schaffer. the alleged incident happened last month in westminster. bill fink reports the unsettled details and how the actions of the store employee led to the arrest. >> my name is bill fink abc 2 news out' baltimore. >> i don't want to talk thank you. >> reporter: george edward esworthy was arrested early this week for indecent exposure. at the

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